This Sunday (23rd Nov 14) The Water Meadow

Water Meadows 3 2014-11-23For the attention of Mr Andrew Fillmore

Planning Officer, South Cambs District Council

Dear Mr Fillmore,

Planning Application Ref: S/2273/14/OL

Land at Teversham Road, Fulbourn

Water Meadows 2 2014-11-23

We, Fulbourn Forum for community action, have previously contacted you with a response to the above planning application, strongly objecting to the proposals for development of up to 110 dwellings.

Water Meadows 1 2014-11-23

Among the many reasons cited for refusal, was the concern over the suitability of the site for development due to its wetness and it being prone to flooding. The site is at a low-point in the village with a high water table, and receiving run-on water from the surrounding higher ground, the output of the spring at Poor Well, and the discharge from the large piped surface water outlet from adjacent roads (Cow Lane and Pierce Lane). You and your colleagues may not have had a chance to visit the site during adverse weather, but on the afternoon of Sunday 23 November 2014, after a day of persistent but not heavy rain, I visited the site and took some photographs (these are of the field directly behind Poor Well which is generally the less wet of the two fields – I also have photos from the other field).

Water Meadows 4 2014-11-23

You will see in the photos below, the state of the site, basically covered with water, particularly evident along the trodden paths. The situation was the same across the fields away from the paths but partly obscured by the long, tussocky grass. I hope that you will accept this as further evidence that this site is very unsuitable for development, requiring extreme engineering measures by the applicant in an effort to prove otherwise. Covered with hard surfaces, the problem to be resolved will be much more acute and unpredictable. These two fields are effectively water meadows, providing a valuable safety valve at the low-end of the village where water can be contained, before running off naturally into the local deep ditches and watercourses. We interfere with this at our peril and I trust that the planning committee will be made fully aware of the serious implications.

Water Meadows 5 2014-11-23

Yours sincerely,


David Cottee

Secretary, Fulbourn Forum for community action



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