Planning Committee Meeting – (NOW delayed to 1st April)

This was originally planned to be on the 4th March – delayed to 1st April 2015

This is the formal meeting where the Outline Application will be heard in front of the Planning Committee.

There will be representations from several parties objecting to this Application, from the Parish, Local Councillors and Fulbourn Forum along with a representative from our SaveFulbournsFields  (SFF)group.  Anyone can attend this meeting, but the council generally only allow one public “objector” to speak for 3 minutes.

Back in November we encouraged those to write in to object formally to this, and the Planning officer should have considered all of the objections (and supporters) and will now make a recommendation.  This will be discussed and then voted upon during the meeting by the members of that Planning Committee.

During the last two months SFF have commissioned and funded  a study via a local Civil Engineering Company,  to review the Castlefields Flood Risk Assessment.  This was delivered early in the new year to Mr Andrew Fillmore – the Planning officer.   Due to its confidentiality we have not published this or made the wider public aware of it.

Similarly we understand that there are still several issues being discussed at the planning level that do not support the Outline Application, but nonetheless we trust that the right decision will prevail on the day.   Even a rejection by the planning committee may end up with an Appeal by the developer.

There have been further letters of objection (including our own) specifically to the Planning Members in the last week.  See the SFF letter.

If you have any new evidence that has not been heard before (e.g. endangered species found in Poor Well)  then you would be at liberty to write to the members of the planning committee, but probably no later than a week before the meeting.

As a reminder the meeting is on:

Wednesday, 1st April 2015 10.00 a.m.

Council Chamber, South Cambridgeshire Hall

Location maps:  http://Maps and directions to South Cambridgeshire Hall

Cambourne Business Park
CB23 6EA