Further road accident on corner of Cow Lane / Teversham Road 26-4-15

2015-04-26  RTA 2b, CowLane - Teversham RdThere was another accident at the junction of Cow Lane and Teversham Road on 26/4/15.  This is the second in about three months that I have seen” –  Local resident reports


2015-04-26  RTA 2, CowLane - Teversham Rd

Just further evidence that we already have too much traffic at this junction.  We don’t want a roundabout here, but likewise we do disagree with the Castlefields points about the level of traffic being acceptable – even when there would be more car journeys from the  Teversham Road, single access point to the development.

At peak times we all know that this junction exiting from Fulbourn, and the other two (Teversham Rd / Airport Way and the Hinton Road/ Cambridge Road) are nightmares to get out from.  Let’s hope that there are no serious accidents in the near future whether the application gets approved or not !


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