One thought on “Richard Townley – Objections to Planning Application”

  1. I completely agree with Mr Townley’s objection submission.
    It concerns me especially that the Plan uses the excuse of high development costs to avoid the issue of providing suitable affordable housing for village residents.
    This would seem totally at odds with any national policy never mind any thing else.
    I become deeply suspicious of the motives of developers who would be seeming to sidestep due planning processes but they do seem to have been hoisted on their own petard by an error of their own creation in the planning application. I feel insufficient attention will be paid to the increase in pressure on our School and Village Surgery.
    We can scarcely be described as being underdeveloped in Fulbourn. The Swifts development and the likely outcome of any increase in population must surely have their impact assessed before permission is granted for this historically difficult site to be concreted over.
    Those fields are a valuable amenity and by their very nature should remain as such.
    If they “belong” to anybody at all, then most certainly the citizens of Fulbourn must justifiably have a prior claim.
    Off shore companies and their shareholders do not.

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