object to these proposals…?

How should you object to these proposals?  

This was the original deadline back in November 2014 ! (for the first Outline Planning in 2014) – please see later set of objections for 2017

You should write to the council OR email them with some key words highlighted, but remember this is your letter.   It is good to refer to some or all of our top “Nine Reasons” as they have planning implications,  but to put them in context to your local feelings.

This is what we suggest then:

Letter from a resident to the Council

Dear Sir / Madam

Ref: S/2273/14/OL – Planning Application – Land at Teversham Road, Fulbourn for 110 dwellings

I object to planning permission being granted because:

  1. The site has already been rejected by the council.
  2. The site has been excluded from local plan as it is outside the official village development boundary.
  3. Under the draft local plan Fulbourn is to be a ‘Minor Rural Centre’ and this site fails the minor rural centre criteria which limit new development to 30 homes maximum.
  4. Local green space must be protected. The emerging policy in the Local Plan designates this site to be ‘Local Green Space’ and protected from development.
  5. This site is not needed for the Councils to meet local housing targets.
  6. The application provides for insufficient affordable houses.
  7. The site has major technical problems including surface water flooding and high groundwater levels.
  8. Fulbourn is full. The village infrastructure will be overwhelmed e.g. The school, the health centre, and the parking areas of the high street cannot accommodate yet more numbers.
  9. Other new housing is already coming e.g. at the Swifts. It is also to be expected at Ida Darwin where some housing is likely to be permitted to replace existing buildings to be demolished.

– – –

By post to:
Development Control, South Cambs District Council, Cambourne
Business Park, Cambourne, CB23 6EA

By email to:

Or direct through the website at:



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