Council confirms error about Public Notices displayed for the Application

The Council has (on 28 April 2015) confirmed an error in the displayed public notices which publicised the planning application by Castlefield International.

They have written saying:

 “Yes, you have written many times regarding this application including raising the issue of the description of the development (access). The application description has been amended (today) by the applicant and further site notices will be displayed shortly with the revised description”

The Save Fulbourn’s Fields campaign had advised the Council that they may be vulnerable to legal action because the village notices are factually inaccurate. The notices had repeated Castlefield’s statement in their application that they were applying for only one access to the proposed development of 110 dwellings. In fact, the application proposes three accesses, Teversham Road, Cox’s Drove and over Poor Well, and the Council have details of all three.

A follow up on 29 April by Cllr John Williams in discussion with the District Council Solicitor found that he (the Solicitor) agreed that the public consultation has to be rerun. He suggested 14 days and will speak to the case officer.

So we are expecting a further delay to the planning committee hearing and that all those who have already commented should receive notification that a new period of consultation has started to which they can make further comments. The deadline for this consultation rerun has been confirmed as 19 May 2015.



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